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Why your home needs Accent cabinets and chests now

by Mary Hahn

There is no doubt that storage is important and needs to be functional. However, we tend to overlook the potential of these storage spaces when it comes to decoration. Yes, you can spruce up the look of your home with accent cabinets and chests. They look great and give you that pop you desire. 

What are they?

The thing that makes an accent cabinet different from other storage cabinets, is the fact that it is meant to look good and unique. You will find a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and designs to fit the overall interior decor of your house or potentially become a focal point. It’s not just about looks though- they function as well. 

The same is with the chests, which are smaller than cabinets but just as spectacular. You will find these pieces of furniture, like an accent cabinet with drawers, in the homes of several celebrities and high-end magazines. You can now buy them for your home too!

Types of cabinets and chests

We all know about the mass-produced, boring looking cabinets and chests we can find at our local furniture store, but what about the accented ones? These kinds of storage solutions go beyond just monochromatic wood! 

  • You’ll find apothecary chests and cabinets, which were used for storing and selling medicines once upon a time. 
  • There are basket storage cabinets made out of wicker to give a rustic look. This is a great accent cabinet for living room spaces!
  • If you like wacky, funky shaped cabinets, then bombe cabinets are the one for you. The cabinets tend to be round and bulging outwards. 
  • Into the vintage style? A Demilune cabinet would fit your space perfectly. These cabinets have flat tabletops, allowing you to put things on top and inside. 
  • Large mirrored chests are the talk of the town. These chests are what you call, truly neutral, and they blend into your room in a jiffy! 

With so many styles and types available, why wouldn’t you buy them? They can elevate your living space without doing much. Make your home fit your aesthetic through your storage spaces now!