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What are the main sources of indoor air pollution?

by Paul Petersen

We, in the metropolitan cities, have often been avoiding outdoor locations because of the increasing levels of air pollution. However, in recent reports, it has been shown that indoor air is supposedly more polluted than the outdoor spaces. This is usually because the indoor space is more like an airtight compartment that can give way to different indoor air pollutants. Click here for For more details on HVAC Services Toronto.

Experts have B.Air have given out some of the most common reasons for increasing levels of indoor air pollution. These include

Volatile organic compounds

Also referred to as VOCs, these are mostly found from the general household items such as plastic, paint, and resins. It is also generally obtained from pressed wood boards due to off-gassing. Although you have got your house painted long ago, the VOCs will stay back, thereby being one major air pollutant and infecting your entire house.

Tobacco smoke

This may not be found in all households. If you are not into smoking, tobacco smoke as air pollutants is very rare. But, indoor smoking can leave out nicotine stains on the nearby substances. This eventually leads to an increase in indoor air pollutant numbers. As a result, this has found to be a common cause for increasing respiratory diseases even for non-smokers.

Biological agents

This is very common in metropolitan cities. Biological agents such as mold, pollen, and animal dander are always present in the air. This further paves the way for an increase in respiratory diseases. It is essential to be careful with the presence of these. Regular dusting may help to keep the space clean, but it also increases the chances of these being present in your house.


Exhaust pollutants are usually obtained from stoves, furnaces, and fireplaces. It is necessary to vent out your soot properly, or it will pave the way for carbon monoxide. This further increases the level of damage indoors and can lead to serious health issues.


Radon is one of those air pollutants that is obtained from soil and rock. When soils and rocks break down, they lead to the release of radon gas. These usually enter your house in the form of dirt floors, cracks through concrete and drain floors. The way you dust your house will also help you get rid of radon easily.

Thus, your HVAC system has an important role to play. You should install one in your house and keep a check on it to ensure that you function with it properly. Click here for For more details on HVAC Companies Toronto