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When’s The Best Season To Pump Your Septic Tank?

by Criss Gill

Are you wondering if it’s already time to contact a emergency pump repair evergreen co? Pumping your septic tank is a necessity if you want your tanks to work in tip-top condition. If you overlook having to have it pumped, you can deal with overflows and that leads to nasty odors and health concerns.

General frequency

On a general note, you need to contact septic tank pumping miami fl every three years or so. If you have a full capacity cottage with around five people living in it, you might have to call earlier. On the other hand, if you have a big tank and there are only two of you in a big house, pumping once every seven years would do.


Some factors to consider are the number of inhabitants, tank capacity, and frequency of use. How many people are living in your home? How big is your tank? How often does your state require you to do pumping? How full is your tank at the moment? How often are you at home? Basically, it’s best to have your tank pumped out when it’s nearly full, but you must not wait until it is already full. It’s advisable to pump during the warmer seasons too because it is extremely hard to pump during the winter.

Spring and summer

Spring is a good season to go for a septic tank pumping in York PA. This is because countries usually receive plenty of rain in the spring. Even if your tank is not filled up yet, rain can add to the volume in your septic tanks. It is advisable for you to have your septic tanks pumped during spring if you can.

Summer is also a good time to have pumping of septic tanks done. This is because the warm season allows for good bacteria to get reestablished into your tank before the colder seasons. Your tank will work more efficiently even during the fall and winter months.

Late fall

The latest season you should be having your septic tanks pumped is fall. This way, the ground is not frozen yet. If your tank is full during the season, don’t wait until winter to have things done as this can cost you more money. As the ground is frozen, it would be harder work for your service provider to pump out your septic tank. This can really bring up the cost. Aside from that, most of your relatives could be staying with you during the holidays or winter. You should have your septic tank pumped before people come over so that it can better handle the rise in waste volume.

Can you have it during the winter?

While it is not advisable for you to have septic tank pumping during the winter, emergency work can still be done. As mentioned earlier, however, the work can be more challenging. This will end up causing you more money and the lower temperatures can make pumping less efficient. As much as possible, unless it’s an emergency, try not to schedule pumping during the winter.

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