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5 different backdrop inspirations for your Platner chair

by Mary Hahn

The background always sets the tone for how your accent furniture will ultimately come across. This is even more essential when you’re working with a furniture piece as iconic as the Platner Chair. If you’re searching for some epic inspiration on how to spruce up the backdrop for your Platner Chair, then take a look at the list we’ve compiled for you right here:

  1. The soothing textured blues


Cool, understated and soothing, the Platner Chair will look stunning when partially camouflaged by a stunning steel blue backdrop. As you can see in this image, the silver-blue color scheme of the chair is timeless on its own, but its whole aesthetic is amplified two-fold thanks to the similar backdrop. The artwork and accent décor in the backdrop help create effortless visual interest that beautifies the whole aesthetic even more.

  1. The spa-bathroom backdrop


As far as spa-bathrooms go, you’ll never find anything as unique and different than a whole bathtub acting as the backdrop of your Platner Chair. The challenge in this layout is to give equal visual importance to the backdrop as well as the chair. So dress the floor and walls in light fabrics and finishes and select your Platner Chair upholstery in a demanding color. This will help make the space feel wholesome and distinguished, but in a subtle and sophisticated way. Note that this layout only works if you have a large enough home or live a lifestyle where installing a big bathtub in a studio style layout feels like a feasible choice.

  1. The monochromatic effect


When you design an interior with different tints and hues of the same color, it is characterized as monochromatic. The Platner Chair can be used as an accent piece in such interior designs. You can either choose it in three shades lighter than the main color scheme or three shades darker than the main color scheme. It will definitely look amazing.

  1. Brick and mortar


Whether you’re designing a semi-outdoor space or working with an interior design style that features an exposed brick wall, know that this texture-material will make a stunning backdrop for your Platner Chair. You can choose the upholstery part of the chair to be as bright and vivacious as possible so that it stands out in contrast to the brown-ish hue of the bricks!

  1. Faux stone backdrop


if you’re working with a corporate, retail or commercial space, then you can design a faux stone background to highlight the design of your Warren Platner Armchair. The thumb rule for this technique is to create contrast between the finish of the chair and the color of the stone. If the faux-stone texture is mostly dark, then the chairs need to be bright in color – as shown in the image. However, if the stone texture is light, then the chairs need to be duller and darker in comparison. This way, you’ll have a visually dynamic combination that everyone will absolutely love.

These are some amazing texture choices that you can pair with your Platner Chair. We hope that they provide you with some great ideas to feature the Platner Chair in all sorts of spaces.