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The Unique And Different Types Of Flooring Tiles

by Paul Petersen

Tiles are the most popular options for flooring in many households. Floor tiles are a good investment as they increase the value of your house and also keep your house beautified for a longer period of time. With time, there are so many different and unique types of tiles that have been made and available in the market. All these are made from various materials like clay, wood, stones, quartz, etc.

So here are some of the unique and different types of tiles to choose from:

  • Marble tile- Marble is a highly durable tile and is available in almost every color. It comes in many finishes from polished to honed and brushed, making it an ideal option for almost every room. Being delicate and prone to stains, marble not ideal for outdoor uses. But because of its natural stone property, marble tiles create a very aesthetic and elegant look for your house.
  • Faux wood tile- One of the most current and hottest trends in tiles, faux wood offers the experience and beauty of natural wood. These tiles are actually ceramic and more durable than hardwood. Faux wood requires limited maintenance, is water-resistant, and offers various design options to choose from.
  • Granite tile- As we all know, granite is a type of igneous rock that is very hard and dense. When polished properly, granite can be made scratch-resistant, which instantly makes it an ideal option for kitchen and other most used rooms. Granite rocks are so unique that no two granite floors are the same. This makes it very desirable and expensive.
  • Sandstone- By its appearance and features, sandstone has a beautiful earthy approach to it. These tiles are suitable for pool areas, walkways, etc. as it gives your outdoors a natural and rich feel.
  • Travertine tile- Travertine tile is a type of limestone which is found from caves, hot springs around the world. This is a natural, porous stone and has a rough texture caused by bubbles and organic matter and hence it has got such a unique color. Because of its slip-resistant properties, travertine tile is usually used at poolside areas, bathrooms, walkways, and other areas where water is present.

No one can deny that tiles are one of the best flooring options and when stores like Céramique Carreaux Metro offer you such tiling options, it becomes irresistible.