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Coronavirus: Swimming Pools, Spas, and Water

by Danny White

Coronavirus outbreak has put the entire world at risk. It is essential that one maintains hygiene and takes proper care of the entire thing. Since most of the homeowners have a pool, CDC has specifically advised them to keep a check on it. The pool monitoring associations over the years have become more active, and taking an active part in ensuring to eradicate the problem. 

However, the official reports by CDC claim that there have been no instances of infection from hot tubs or pool water. But, it is essential to be careful and ensure complete disinfection to ensure safety. It is necessary to remove any harmful substance from the pool that may potentially be a cause of the problem. Experts at Piscine De Mone can help you maintain your pools even in these tough times. 

Some of the prominent questions that are very often asked about the coronavirus outbreak and water include the following.

Does COVID-19 spread to water? 

No. There have been no instances where drinking water was found to be an infection. The water treatment plants ensure to carry out time to time filtration and disinfection to ensure complete safety in drinking water. Moreover, they ensure to take the necessary steps that will eventually help to remove all the potential causes for COVID-19. 

Does COVID appear in feces?

Not all. But some patients have shown that the COVID-19 virus does exist in the feces. The amount of virus released in the feces is still unknown. It entirely depends on how long the body was exposed to the virus; nonetheless, how infectious the virus needs to be determined as well. 

The risk of infection from the feces of the COVID-19 infected person is unknown too. However, the probability of transmission is low, too, as per the doctors. 

Should wastewater workers take precautions to protect themselves?

Wastewater treatment plants are present in abundance. It becomes essential for the workers and operators to follow a specific routine that helps to prevent exposure to the virus. 

Safe working practices and engineered controls can be the essential key to protecting themselves against the virus. However, employees need treatment facilities too to ensure they are safe against the virus. 

COVID-19 is increasing day by day. In the entire world, New Zealand is the only country to have lifted the lockdown. Countries such as Italy, America are in the worst condition. The people need to take small measures to ensure protection against the deadly virus.