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Home Away From Home: Preparing Your Place for Short-Term Rentals

by Mary Hahn


Out-of-town vacations can be nerve-wracking since you will have to leave your home alone for an extended period. You can ask your neighbors or relatives to look after it for you, but you don’t always have that option.

Fortunately, you can offer your home as a short-term rental, provided that you get the legal permits needed. You can also consider starting a short-term rental business if you decide to move out of your home in the future.

No matter your choice, you still need to prepare your home before accommodating your guests. Here’s what you need to do.

Secure Your Valuables

Gather your valuables and place them in a secure room. This includes any delicate jewelry, expensive electronics, or necessary paperwork that you want to be left untouched. Keep that room off-limits and inform your future tenants of this arrangement.

Consider using a safe if you want to be sure that your items won’t be accessed. Install security systems such as surveillance cameras so that you can monitor the room. If you can’t pay attention to the place regularly, use motion sensors to alert you.

Ready Your Facilities

Deep clean the whole house to ensure that it is prepared to receive your guests. Work from room to room to be efficient and thorough. Remove any clutter inside your home and reorganize your furniture to make your home easy to move in.

Make sure that your kitchen has the essential equipment for cooking. They’ll need a stove, a refrigerator, and adequate counter space. Consider supplying them with other appliances, such as a water heater or microwave.

Do the necessary maintenance for your bathroom. Make sure that your bathroom is clean and mold-free. Have the plumbing sorted out and, if needed, call for water heater repair services in Salt Lake City. Hot water is one of the most desired amenities for rentals.

Provide Supplies

Don’t forget to stock the kitchen with tableware and cookware. While you don’t need to supply specific items such as measuring spoons and the like, important things are ladles, spatulas, pots, and pans. For tableware, you’ll need plates, bowls, spoons, and forks.

Don’t empty your cabinets and fridge. Consider leaving a small amount of groceries as a welcoming gift. You’ll also need to provide spices and other cooking supplies for your guests. Some possible items are cooking oil, onion, and garlic.

Offer them your linen closet and stock it with extra bed sheets and pillowcases. If it remains unused for a long time, don’t forget to launder them to remove built-up dust. You should also put in a few large and small towels for your guest’s use.

Other Preparations

Leave a set of instructions about the use of your appliances so that your guests will have a guide. Give them your contact information and a list of emergency numbers to call in case the need arises. While you do want to check up on them from time to time, avoid being overbearing.

Inform your neighbors about the incoming renters so that they are prepared. This will avoid unannounced neighbor visits from disturbing your guests. 

Short-term rentals are a good way to have your house occupied while you are away. As a business venture, they are also a good choice since more people are starting to prefer this option instead of expensive hotels.

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