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5 Top Security Tips For Your New Home

by Mary Hahn

While moving to a new home can be an exciting time, it’s important that you make securing it, your number one priority. Ideally carried out before you move in, you should perform a basic security assessment of your new home to help identify any areas that might need to be made safer or more secure, and if you live in a high crime neighborhood or are particularly worried about your safety at home for any reason, a licensed locksmith can come and undertake a comprehensive assessment, for you. Along with that, they will also make security recommendations and install any new locks or security systems as required.

Here are 5 ways to help secure your new home and keep yourself and anyone else living there, safe at all times:

  1. Make sure your doors can do their job

As the second most popular entry point for burglars, if your doors don’t stand up to intruders, you could be leaving yourself extremely vulnerable to criminal activity. Check how strong the doors are and that the locks function properly; below are several quick and easy recommended reinforcements to bolster your doors:

  • Have a deadbolt professionally installed
  • Add a strike plate
  • Make the upgrade to smart locks (talk to your local locksmith for advice before making any purchases) 
  1. Lock all windows

Burglars love windows, especially when they’re not properly locked, giving them easy, instant access to your home and belongings. Talk to a local locksmith if you’re concerned that the windows in your new home might not be secure enough, and they may offer the following recommendations:

  • Make you windows stronger with window security film
  • Have window or glass break sensors professionally installed
  • Add bars to the ground floor windows
  1. Illuminate your new home

Burglars and other criminals like to carry out their illegal activities under the cover of darkness, so adding some strategically placed, cost-effective security lights that are sensor operated, is a simple way to deter them.

  1. Remember to adequately secure the garage 

If your new home has a garage, make it a habit to ensure that it’s always locked, and along with that, you might want to take the following advice:

  • Make the switch to a more secure, smart garage door opener
  • If storing valuable items in your garage, cover the windows
  • Consider having extra, more robust locks fitted (seek advice from your local, licensed locksmith)
  • Use home automation
  1. Have a security system professionally installed

Your home can never be made too secure, and having a security system installed can help you feel safe when you’re at home, and well protected when you’re away. With various options available to suit all budgets and all levels of technological understanding, your local locksmith can help you choose a security system that will give you and your home, the ultimate in protection.

Make living in your new home as safe and secure as possible by consulting with a locksmith, and having your security needs professionally assessed.


Infographic Provided by Eye Trax