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Smart Decisions You Can Take for Room Design

by Danny White

Learn more about this rising career. One of the careers in which the demand for professionals grows is Interior Design. However, many people do not know enough about this field. In addition, there is a lot of confusion with the Architecture and Urbanism course, for example. There is a vast field of work for interior design professionals with varied pay. However, it is up to the student to look for extra skills that help to improve his curriculum and, consequently, collect more competitive advantages. Visit https://www.swissinterior.com.sg/ for the best results now.

The Interior Design Career

The interior design career deals with the planning and creation of living spaces. It also manages to build functional and aesthetically pleasing structures. As this is a well-defined professional field, many designers establish a focus for residential or commercial design projects. Some designers specialize in a particular type of space. This can be kitchens and bathrooms. Or they even focus on a type of design solution, such as eco-friendly, or green design. Still others serve a specific sector, such as hospitality and design spaces for hotels and resorts.

There are interior design careers that are geared towards furniture stores or retail gardening. These designers focus on helping customers choose furniture and accessories. With that, there is an aid to customers. For example, to get a design or decoration model and work within a color or style scheme. Interior design careers in retail require a professional to be a good salesperson, in addition to being a talented designer. In a way, we can say that this professional is a broader fusion of decorators’ common sense, combined with the designer’s art and the multidisciplinary knowledge of engineers and architects. In short, the interior designer is responsible not only for decorating and organizing environments, but mainly for designing spaces in an aesthetic and functional way.But what are the differences with the Architecture and Urbanism course

Curriculum Grid

In general, students find it difficult to distinguish the differences between Interior Design and Architecture because the two courses have many disciplines in common. Some of them, such as: Environmental Comfort and Design Workshop, for example, are present in the curricular matrix of the two courses. However, as it is longer and more comprehensive, the Architecture course includes subjects such as Restoration and Revitalization, Construction Technology and Topography. The Interior Design course has disciplines dedicated to the planning of environments and furniture, such as Interior Design and Furniture History. Did you notice the differences?


One of the most important points that differentiate Interior Design and Architecture concerns the focus of the course. Interior Design is a course focused on the decorative aspect, aiming at the aesthetics and functionality of the most diverse environments. Architecture is a comprehensive course that covers art, urban planning, and construction, urban planning, landscaping, among others. If you know you want to work in this area, choosing an Interior Design course ensures that you get straight to the point in your career.

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