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Things to Know When Buying Washing Machines at The Good Guys

by Clare Louise

Choosing and buying the right washing machine has never been this easy before. Just a few clicks, and you can successfully order a new washing machine and can expect your online delivery within a few business days. Of course, before you order a washing machine, you must have basic knowledge and then choose your needs. Read on to know more. 

Specifications of Washing Machines at The Good Guys

Whether you are ordering online or going to store, here are a few general specifications to consider at washing machines at The Good Guys:

  • Product Type- Front Load Washing Machine, Top Load Washing Machine, Washer Dryer Combo, Dual Load Washers, Auto Dosing Washing Machines.
  • Product Dimensions– The height (mm) can vary from 845 to 1340. The width (mm) can vary from 59 to 5220. The depth (mm) can vary from 438 to 864. 
  • Energy Ratings- 3 Star (Wash), 4 Star (Dry), 4 Star (Wash), 3 Star (Dry), 4 Star (Wash), 3.5 Star (Dry); 4 Star (Wash), 4 Star (Dry).
  • Drying Capacity- 4kg, 4.5kg, 5kg, 6kg, and 8kg. 
  • Color/Finish: White, Black Stainless, Lotus White, Black Stainless Steel, Anti-fingerprint Stainless Finish.
  • Wash Load Size- Large, Medium, and Small. 
  • Dryer Type– Condenser and Heat Pump
  • Washing Capacity- 7kg, 8kg, 9kg and 10kg. 

Essential Guidelines to Consider 

Besides the general product specifications and the brand name, here are a few more details you might want to consider before finalizing on your choice of Washing machines at The Good Guys:

  • Energy efficiency

Looking at the Energy Star Rating label will give you an estimate of how energy efficient your preferred appliance is.

  • Water efficiency

More environment-friendly machines will have a higher number of stars as per the Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme, which means they require less water consumption flow per wash.

  • Speed and settings

It can be unclear, but different settings work for different fabric types and colors, ensuring that the clothes do not lose brightness and size.

  • Wi-fi and app-enabled

This feature allows you to operate your washing machine through your smartphone. At your convenience, you can start and end the washing process. 

  • Installation type

Depending on the space available, you can select different installation types. The possible options are side by side, side by side, with pedestal and stackable.

Once you have carefully considered all these vital points, you’re good to go! Now all that’s left to do is either place an online order for your selected option or walk into the store and buy it then and there. You can never go wrong with washing machines at The Good Guys. Happy clean, hygienic, neat and fresh clothes for you!