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Is there any specific skill that the interior designer needs to have?

by Criss Gill

There is no specific skill that the professional of interior designer needs to have to master the area, not even to draw, since nowadays there are a series of computer programs that do this. But if there are no skills, on the other hand, there are some characteristics that can favor the professional future. One is creativity. If you are a person who lives with different ideas, likes to innovate and does not conform to sameness, the career of interior designer really suits you. Another desirable characteristic is that the student or professional of interior designer has an interest in subjects such as art and culture. This artistic streak helps the professional to become more creative and original.

What does the architect do?

Of the three professions (decorator, interior designer and architect), the architect is the one who can do more. Think of the architect as the professional who creates the built physical space. It is he who plans construction, be it small houses or large buildings. The architect thinks about the uses that that building will have the forms that can make that building much more interesting, the thermal and acoustic comfort that the space should provide. He will also be able to study the building’s relationship with neighboring areas and the impact that construction will bring to the region. The architect is responsible for thinking about the building as a whole. That is, he plans not only the facades and the entire external area of ​​the building, but also the internal spaces.

What does the interior designer do?

The interior designer plans the entire internal area of ​​the buildings. He should always think of these indoor spaces in the most comfortable, safe, practical and beautiful way. You can also make custom furniture design, study colors, materials and finishes. Theoretically, a self-taught person could work as an interior designer. But in practice, we know that this can be very dangerous, as the designer does not just take care of the aesthetic part of the environments. It is necessary to master rules of ergonomics, health, thermal and acoustic comfort to create suitable spaces. It is you are recommended to hire a professional interior designer from https://www.spacefactor.com.sg/design/hdb-interior-design. The interior designer cannot change the structure of the environment without authorization from a trained professional, such as architects and mainly engineers.

What does the decorator do?

For a long time, decorator and interior designer were considered the same profession. Today, much progress has been made in the fight for the regulation of the interior design professional, which has contributed to move more and more away from the fields of activity of the designer and decorator. Of the three professions covered in this article, the decorator is the most practical one to exercise, because the decorator is that professional who only works the aesthetic part of the internal environments.

To exercise the profession of Decorator, the professional does not need specialized training. Then, the decorator can choose furniture, make a study of colors for the environment, choose decorative pieces and make aesthetic compositions with them, choose materials, coatings and finishes.