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Kinds of Food You should Never Pressure Cooked

by Criss Gill

If you always run late to prepare a meal or simply like to take the simple route when cooking food, a pressure cooker is your best buddy. As food gets ready immediately, most people appreciate cooking in a pressure cooker over a pan, and it is more like a fuss-free cooking choice. In a pressure cooker, though, you might not be aware of the potential risks of cooking such foods. Let us understand more about it.

There has been a lot of controversy in the past about the adverse consequences of cooking food in a pressure cooker. A variety of studies says that the cooking of such foods in the pressure cooker destroys the cooked food nutrients and makes it harmful. Some others also state that whether or not the nutrition value reduces entirely depends on the food prepared. Even if you use the bestcooker.co.uk for cooking your meal it still will cause these risks. The cooking of starch-rich food in a pressure cooker can be hazardous to your health, according to a lot of experts. This is because it poses a lot of health concerns when starch-rich food is cooked in a cooker. So, here are some food products in a pressure cooker you should never prepare.


In a pressure cooker, rice is one of the most frequently prepared food items, but it is unhealthy! Cooking rice in a pressure cooker is known to contain a dangerous chemical called acrylamide that can cause a lot of harmful illnesses. Also, it can induce overweight to eat rice cooked in a pressure cooker. You do not drain the water from the rice while cooking in a pressure cooker and this contributes to gaining weight.


A lot of us have a pressure cooker to steam our potatoes. That is the shortest and fastest way to do it. Potatoes, however, contain starch and in a cooker, they must not be prepared. In a pressure cooker, cooking potatoes put the health at risk and result in a lot of health diseases such as cancer and neurological disorder.


Another food item high in starch is pasta. Pasta should also not be cooked in a pressure cooker. In a pressure cooker, the preparation of pasta will put your health at risk. It should always be in a pan and baked or boiled. There are various other methods you can use to cook pasta other than in a cooker.

Some foods are available that should not be cooked in a cooker. Many other choices for food can, however, be safe and beneficial. A pressure cooker helps to reduce the amount of lectin in the food. By consuming the minerals, lectin is a toxic substance that decreases the nutritional value of the food. Essentially, pressure cooking comes with its benefits and drawbacks and you can still practice and try various methods of cooking. Ensure that you don’t prepare these foods or other starch-rich foods in a pressure cooker to remain healthy and keep health risks at bay.