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How to make wooden windows safer

by Danny White

Police statistics show that around 30% of thieves enter their homes through a window, so your windows should be as secure as possible. Window security doesn’t have to cost a lot. Here are eight easy ways to make wood windows safer.

  1. Window locks are a good security measure for wood windows. They are inexpensive and readily available at self-service stores. Window locks are easy to install and use. Most require a key, but some are locked automatically. Besides locking windows, you can also set window locking handles. They are also key.
  2. Protect your wooden windows Edinburgh by installing locks that do not require a key, such as bolt and snap. Window screws can be used for wood windows with side, side, top, and frame. Windows are easily locked with the push of a button to protect both parts of the lock after the window is closed. It would be best if you had a key to unlock them. Snap locks suitable for most wooden windows lock easily as soon as the two parts of the lock are joined.
  3. The central locks of sash and case windows Edinburgh are unreliable. If you have stamped windows without locks and are concerned that they might be tampered with while you are away from home, you can secure them by drilling two holes in the inner fender’s top rail and running long screws in the lower rail of the outer wing.

This will block both wings. A more elegant and durable solution to attaching the sliding wings is to install double screws, one on each side of the rails. They consist of a tube with an internal thread that goes through the inner rail and a screw that goes through the tube and screws onto the outer rail.

  1. Stopping the wings is another option. They are strong and comfortable to use and do not need to be removed from the window when open. They can be attached to the top frame, allowing the window to stay open about 5 inches for ventilation but still secure.
  2. Depending on your design, the window glass should be blocked by securing it to the frame. If the window is flush with the frame, insert two hidden screws into the wrench, one near the top and one near the bottom. They are more secure than padlocks on the surface because the screw goes into a hole in the frame. They should always be adjusted 90 degrees to the grain of the wood.
  3. If your window has a window with holes and you want to secure it in the open position for ventilation, replace the corner that the wooden windows Edinburgh typically has the latch on to the back corner. This key fixing will allow you to secure the window by placing the threaded screw on the corner with a unique square key. I would also use a key to unlock the window again.
  4. The beads that hold the glass in place are usually nailed down. The best locks won’t stop intruders if they only need to reward the outer glass balls and lift the glass. You can secure the wooden glass balls to their frames with clutch head mounting screws that cannot be unscrewed.