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Factors That Could Influence the Cost of Water Extraction

by Danny White

Water damage is something that needs immediate attention and intervention. You might be wondering how much does water extraction cost. Well, there is no definite amount, but there are factors that could influence the total cost of water damage restoration. It includes the following:

Square footage 

When fixing a large basement, expect that the cost would be high because of the materials to be used, the kind of work (labor-intensive), and the amount of time needed to get the job done. 


When determining the extent of restoration work and cost, the location is a big factor. Those situated in areas with humid climates may take some time to dehumidify. More so, the cost of materials depends on location, which could eventually affect the overall cost of repair. 

Remaining water 

In the case of water damage, there should always be remaining water in the area. The restoration company will pump and drain any remaining trace of water to prevent further damage. There is a need to use complex equipment such as water pumps and dehumidification equipment and tools. The more complex the work the higher the cost of restoration will be. 

Damage to the building 

Depending on the types of materials the building is made of, there could be a possibility that some buildings require more restoration work than others. A perfect example is a difference in the flooring. Floors made from hardwood are easier to restore than floors covered with carpets. 

Type of water that caused the damage 

Water damage comes from various sources. It could be from rainwater or worst, black water (sewage containing human waste and mixed with floodwater). If the water comes from sewage, then there is a need to thoroughly sanitize the area before starting the restoration process. 

Presence of mold 

One of the harsh effects of water damage is the presence of mold. There is a need to not only remove the water but to also remove the mold, which could be very expensive.