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Treating Contaminated Lumber

by Danny White

The effect of pests on lumber can be quite disastrous. Pests leave the woods in a sorry state if not taken care of. In this article, we shall consider some ways of treating contaminated lumber by some local service.

  • An effective way, but it takes effort. A sodium fluoride solution is injected into the inlets of the larvae, after which the course is smeared with gruel from bread soaked in this solution.
  • Tapping. This method is suitable for dealing with woodworm or bark beetle, the larvae that cannot withstand vibration. From vibration, they burst, and the water from them comes out. Tapping is especially useful for protecting floorboards or walls. In order not to spoil the wall, a bar is used.
  • Heating. When the structures are heated to 60 degrees Celsius, the protein in living beings will coagulate. However, it is almost impossible to heat wooden products to such a temperature using the usual method without damaging them. But small items can be cooked in a microwave oven. For “treatment” of larger items, the wall opposite to the magnetron can be cut off. Just don’t forget to turn on the timer and go to the next room.

There are also original ways to combat wood pests. These include the processing of sawn timber with high-frequency current, but this requires expensive equipment. Another method is gas treatment, but only small parts can be gassed.

The most affordable insect repellent is resin. It is applied with a brush or in a heated form with a pipette. But this is a problematic and ineffective process.

Chemicals provide the most effective protection against insects. According to the method of exposure to pests, preparations are divided into three types. Some act on parasites through the respiratory system, others through the intestines, and still others through the skin. They are based on arsenic, nitrogen, phosphorus, chlorine, and other chemicals. If the dose is exceeded, these substances can have adverse effects on human health.

The best option is preparations based on sodium compounds. The sanitary inspection authorities approve them. Processing should be carried out in protective equipment: masks and gas masks. After completing the work, it is necessary to ventilate the room. You can contact guardian pest control for a good job.