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Common Roof Problems Seen in Summer

by Mary Hahn

Most homeowners brace their roofs for harsh weather conditions as they are known to cause heavy structural damages to homes, especially in the winter. But when summertime comes, residents often let their guard down as these elements won’t be troubling their homes for months.

People always look forward to the bright skies and warm summertime as they come out from enduring the cooler temperatures of the previous seasons. Summer is widely anticipated as people can finally go on beach trips and enjoy outdoor adventures.

However, just because there is no presence of ice and snow, it doesn’t mean that the roof is not susceptible to damages in the summer season. Most people remember summer for having bright sunshiny weather and elevated temperatures. Still, they tend to forget that these elements are detrimental as well, especially if their roofs don’t have enough protection.

Apart from the threats of heat, humidity, UV radiation, and increased air pollution, roofs also endure the hazards of summer storms. These storms can cause water to leak inside the house, and strong winds can loosen shingles and expose the roofing materials underneath to elemental damages. Strong winds can even lift part of the roof or even the entire roof in extreme cases.

Moreover, residents aren’t the only ones enjoying the absence of frigid temperatures in this period. Members of the wildlife often take advantage of the summer season to look for shelter, and the roof can be a perfect nesting area for these critters. As these pests make their home, they destroy part of yours.

Regardless of the season, homeowners must ensure their roofs’ durability to optimize safety and lessen their stress and expenditures for repairs. Before packing your bags for a beach trip this summer, be mindful of these common roof problems seen in that season.