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5-Step Guidebook to Your Bathtub to Shower Aliso Viejo Conversion Project 

by Mary Hahn

More homeowners are switching their bathtubs for showers, and it’s for good reasons. Showers are more practical and timesaving in a fast-paced environment, and shower floors can be renovated to be slip-resistant for better safety and accessibility. Slippery bathtubs can be quite a challenge, especially for people with mobility issues.

Ditching that tub for a shower not only meets your need for functionality but also satisfies your want for style. This change can transform your bathroom into a more modern and updated area. With a bigger elbow room, you can renovate the space for a luxurious walk-in shower or add more bathroom features.

Bathtub conversion takes a lot of planning. There are several factors to consider, especially your budget. Construction concerns like plumbing, building permits, and debris disposal play a role in the process. Also, keep in mind who will be using the shower. Don’t get carried away with the renovation project by buying a lot of fancy amenities that are not really needed.

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For a quick guide on shower remodel, here is a 5-step infographic to give you the necessary information you need.