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Choosing the Perfect Catered Meal for a Hosted Event

by Mary Hahn

A large gathering is not complete without a meal. Many times, the host will prepare the meal, but preparing and serving a meal to 10 or more people takes a lot of time. If they want to enjoy the party, hiring a caterer is a better option. With a caterer on hand to prepare and serve the food, a host can be sure the guests are happy and well-fed. Hiring a caterer does take some planning. There are a few choices available for someone who wants to enjoy a meal with friends and family.

Type of Meal

Catering customers have to first choose between a plated meal or a buffet. There are advantages to each option. For example, guests at formal events might expect to be served their plates while they sit at a table. This type of catering tends to be more expensive. However, service like this makes a good impression on guests.

The other catering option is a buffet. By opting for affordable buffet catering services in Singapore, hosts can give their guests more flexibility. Guests with special dietary needs can select only the foods they want from the buffet as opposed to having to get a special plate served to them at the table. Buffet-style dinners are ideal for informal gatherings that last long enough that the people attending might be hungry before it’s over.

Choice of Food

The type of event and the guest list will determine the choice of food the host chooses to serve. For many gatherings, an Asian buffet offers the ideal mix of foods to ensure every guest has plenty to eat. The foods included in the buffet are going to be familiar to most of the guests and when the host chooses their caterer carefully, everyone will enjoy their meal.

Another option is a BBQ buffet. This type of meal may be unfamiliar, but it will undoubtedly be delicious. Meats and vegetables cooked on a hot grill have a distinctive taste and texture that people often try to recreate in their own backyards. A BBQ buffet is a great choice for outdoor gatherings and informal family events. While hosts could cook the BBQ themselves, hiring a caterer allows them to interact with their guests and enjoy the event instead of spending all of their time cooking. Hosts should be sure to choose a caterer that has experience cooking BBQ and try some samples prior to signing a contract.

Getting an invitation to an event where food will be served is exciting. Guests know they will get a chance to relax around friends and family. They also don’t have to worry about cooking or paying for a meal before the party. This is why it’s so important for hosts to plan the event carefully to ensure the caterer is prepared to offer the guests delicious food in a professional manner. Whether the host chooses a plated meal or a buffet, the caterer should be prepared to serve the agreed-upon food to the number of guests in the contract.