Home Home improvement Buying a writing desk for your home office: A quick guide!

Buying a writing desk for your home office: A quick guide!

by Paul Petersen

Writers take their desks rather seriously. Buying your first writing desk for your home office can be overwhelming, especially because there are so many choices. Let’s start by mentioning that writing desks are not same as executive desks, although in context of contemporary homes and offices, both styles often overlap each other in terms of design and storage. 

Traditionally, writing desks have a big flat surface, which obviously is used for writing, and there is minimal space for anything else, although many writing desks do have letter organizers. Websites like Mobilart have a wide range of writing desks in their stock, including vintage, antique and imported designs. Before you consider buying one, here are some things to consider. 

  1. Start with the space. How big of a tabletop do you need? If you are going to use the writing desk just for writing, we recommend that you keep the size as basic as possible. You wouldn’t usually place your computer on a writing desk, but if you intend to use your laptop, you have to select the design accordingly. 
  2. Style. There are different styles in writing desks, right from the standard one to roll-top desks. Each one has a few pros and cons. If you want to keep clutter out of sight, go for a roll-top desk, which covers up almost everything on the surface. Standard writing desks are great as furniture accents in living rooms and bedrooms, but do check the measurements and height in advance, so that the product fits in as expected. 
  3. Add-ons. Some writers prefer to use an additional keyboard for their laptop while writing, so you may want something like a pullout tray. The number of drawers on such desks is typically limited, but as we mentioned, the contemporary designs often feel similar like that of an executive desk. Therefore, the tabletop is usually super-smooth and flat, for easy writing, while additional drawers work for storage. 

Think of budget

The cost of a writing desk depends on many factors, including the size, design, and theme. We recommend that you consider your budget in advance, so that shortlisting your options becomes easier. Online stores and furniture dealers are likely to have better deals and offers, so you can expect to get better value for your money. 

Don’t shy away from trying a unique finish or look, considering a writing desk is more often an investment for years to come.