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Why the wool blanket is the best blanket for your home

by Danny White

We all need blankets in our homes as covers to keep us warm, bedspreads, or couch throws. When it comes to blankets, there are a few things that are essential: they have to be warm, breathable, and very soft and pleasant to the touch. It’s not easy to find the right blanket since there are so many on the market. When it comes to materials, each has its pros and cons, so you need to compare a bit in order to see what the best blanket is for you. If you make an extensive comparison, you’ll find out that a wool blanket might actually be what you need.

Choosing from different types of blankets

Among the most popular blankets are those made of cotton, woven acrylic, knitted polyester, or mink, which is a blend between the two. All these blankets are good for the purpose of wrapping yourself up cozily when watching a movie, reading a book, sitting on the porch to watch the sunset, or stargazing. The mink blanket has the best of both worlds: the softness of the acrylic and the wrinkle-free smoothness of the polyester. While they are warm and soft to the touch, these blankets are made from synthetic fabrics. A wool blanket, which is made from natural fibers, has many advantages compared to blankets made from synthetic materials.

Properties of wool

Wool is the warmest natural fabric out there. So, especially in the cold season, you can rely on a wool blanket to keep you warm and cozy. Wool is also breathable, so you don’t have to worry about sweating if you cover yourself with a wool blanket. Besides, wool regulates heat and moisture, so a wool blanket makes a good comforter in any season. Another great thing about wool is that it has antimicrobial properties, so it naturally repels dirt, odor, and harmful microorganisms that can make you sick. Since it is a natural fabric, wool biodegrades faster, so it is eco-friendly to own wool-made items. Another important advantage over synthetic fibers is that wool is flame resistant. The only complaint that some people have about wool is that it makes their skin itch. Wool is not an allergen, so the itchiness that some experience is caused by the fact that the wool is not soft enough. Soft wool such as the Irish merino wool has soft fibers that bend easily and cause no irritation. Go online to Keilys for Irish blankets that are made from fine fibers.

Uses of a wool blanket

A wool blanket is also essential for your home because you can use it for many purposes. You can use it as a comforter in any season because it regulates heat and temperature, you can throw it on yourself and sit by the fireplace or take it with you on a camping trip because it is fire resistant. You can also use it as a home decor accessory thanks to its rich texture. A wool blanket is the perfect blend of comfort and versatility, and that’s what makes it such a priceless item to have in your home.