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8 Carpet Cleaning Tips To Help Prevent Asthma And Get Rid Of Allergens

by Paul Petersen

One of the best ways to improve the quality of your home’s indoor air is making sure you regularly clean your carpet. People who suffer from asthma and allergies will be affected the most by an unclean carpet. Thus, here are the top 8 carpet cleaning tips you need in your arsenal.

Hire carpet cleaners

Tallahassee carpet cleaners are your best bet at ensuring that your rugs and carpets are spotless and unsoiled. They are the best at this kind of job and they know what they’re doing. Furthermore, they have the right equipment to get it done.

Vacuum on a daily basis

Tallahassee carpet cleaners would advise that you vacuum on a daily basis, especially if you live with people who have allergies. There are a number of vacuums available in today’s market that specializes in pulling out germs from carpets.

Spot clean stains immediately and as they happen

Not only will this prevent you from getting headaches from trying to remove stains from your carpet, but it’s also a good idea to clean stains immediately because stains can draw mold or bacteria, especially if the stain is food-related.

Make use of an allergy-rated air purifier

There are Tallahassee carpet cleaners who would recommend a number of allergy-rated air purifiers to help maintain the quality of your indoor air. These purifiers are more than capable of pulling any harmful pollen out of the air and right before they land on your carpet. Furthermore, an allergy-rated air purifier mitigates the need for any carpet deep cleaning on a daily basis.

Prevent pets from shedding by making sure they are cleaned and brushed

Your furry friends can also contribute to the harmful pollen in your home. Who knows where they’ve been, right? With this in mind, make sure that they are cleaned and brushed before allowing them to roam free inside the house.

Keep your windows closed

This is a no-brainer. There are too many allergens and pollen outside that the simple act of closing your window can drastically minimize the risks and prevent anyone from further getting sick. This is a great carpet cleaning tip because it’s one of the simplest!

Invest in allergen-reducing pillows and other allergen-reducing products

We’ve mentioned the beauty of investing in an allergy-rated air purifier. There are other allergen-reducing products in the market, such as pillows, which would work great in your living room. You can keep everyone safe and, at the same time, add aesthetic value to your home.

Remove your shoes

Here’s another no-brainer carpet cleaning tip: remove your shoes. This is considered as one of the first lines of defense for having a clean and allergen-free carpet. While we understand that there are times when this rule cannot be followed, there are alternatives that you can do, which leads us to our next point.

If you cannot ask everyone to remove their shoes when entering your home, then invest in a high-quality doormat that is capable of capturing dirt particles immediately. The best part is that cleaning these mats is very easy.

Truly, carpets can be considered a repository of germs, dust mites, allergens, and other harmful pollens. These will then trigger allergic reactions from people. By addressing the bacteria in your carpet, you are actually ensuring the safety of everyone in your home.

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