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Why Are Many Homeowners Choosing Metal Roofs?

by Danny White

Although metal roofs have been around for decades, recently, they have begun growing in popularity again. There are many reasons homeowners choose metal roofing. Reading here will help homeowners to better understand why this roofing material is so beneficial.

Top Reasons Homeowners Choose Metal Roofs

There are many reasons homeowners choose metal roofs for their homes. Knowing these reasons will help homeowners to be able to make the best decision for their roofing needs. The following are some of the top reasons metal roofs have become so popular.

  • One of the biggest reason’s homeowners choose metal roofing is because of its longevity. When properly maintained, a metal roof can last more than fifty years. Metal roofs have been known to last as long as one-hundred years.
  • Metal roofs are extremely durable and can withstand high winds up to 140 mph, if installed correctly. Metal roofing is also fire-retardant, so it is ideal for areas of the country where wildfires are a problem.
  • With metal roofing, there is a better level of energy-efficiency. In most cases, a metal roof will stay up to one-hundred degrees cooler than other types of roofing materials. With a metal roof in place, homeowners can rest assured their energy costs will be greatly reduced.
  • Metal is also an eco-friendly material that is 100% recyclable. The metal can be melted down and reused time and time again. Choosing materials that are recyclable is important for many people.
  • There are many options for customization when it comes to metal roofing. Being able to customize the options and even having the ability to make the metal look like shingles and other roofing materials is beneficial for homeowners.
  • Many homeowners are surprised to learn there is a higher resale value for homes with metal roofing. This type of roofing adds to the value of a home, which is important for homeowners even if they are not intent on selling their home right away.

Choosing a Metal Roof Offers Peace of Mind

When an old roof needs replacing, homeowners often stress over which material will offer them the best durability and longevity. Metal is one of the best materials for all types of homes because of the above benefits. Metal roofs are also lighter in weight than some materials, so most frames will be able to support them easily.

Once a metal roof has been installed, it needs very little maintenance, if any. Some homeowners choose to paint their metal roofs or seal them with a clear coat. Today’s metal roof panels come in all colours and designs, so there is no need for paint.

Metal roofs are quickly rising in popularity, replacing shingled and other types of roofs. Although this roof type is a little more expensive than some other kinds, it ends up paying for itself in longevity.

Those who are interested in having a metal roof installed need to research their options and learn as much as possible. Call today to get started on having your metal roof installed.