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Office move – removals checklist

by Danny White

Moving your office is challenging and requires a lot of logistics. These logistics involve sheer efforts and planning in relocating every employee, piece of machinery, and other essential equipment.

Devising an exact checklist and a floor plan before eight months of moving is very pivotal. Therefore, we have created a short checklist for you to move your office comfortably without any hassle.

1 .Budget review

Running an office requires a deep understanding of generating and managing capital. So certainly before thinking of relocating, a budget review should be done by the firm’s finance department. According to this review, the new moving place should be finalized with a futuristic view of generating more capital and maintaining employees’ ease.

2. Quotes from moving companies

After analyzing the budget, look for different office and business removals companies that service the desired area. Choose the best possible movers suitable for your needs and demands.

3. Transferring insurance policies

See to it that you transfer your insurance to your new office address. If the facility is not available, make sure to research new insurance options.

4. Notifying employees, clients, and suppliers

Employees, clients, suppliers, and business partners are the most crucial parts of an office. Office relocation might be troublesome for some of them. To avoid any discomfort, make sure to notify them beforehand regarding the relocation.

5. Hire an interior designer

Smart landscaping and aesthetic furniture have become part and parcel of the new generation’s office culture. Contact a good interior designer and devise a vibrant workplace for your employees and customers.

6. IT set-up

These days, tasks cannot be completed in the absence of IT systems. Make sure to relocate and set up all the computers, Wi-Fi routers, cables, and other digital equipment.

7. Passes and other accessories

Security and safety are the most crucial part of any workplace. Issue new parking passes, security cards, lockers, and keys to all the employees before relocating permanently.

8. Storage spaces

After relocating, you might feel that the new workspace is not big enough to accommodate archived files or other accessories. Reserve a storage space or an accommodation unit near your new office for better and more comfortable functioning.

So, if you have successfully moved your office by referring to this checklist, it is time for you and your staff to relax and celebrate. We hope you succeed and flourish in your new workplace.