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Timber Flooring: What Are My Options?

by Criss Gill

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It is no surprise that hardwood flooring is still the most popular material for discerning homeowners who want the best, and there are stunning timber species that are suitable for flooring. Jarrah is a premium timber that grows locally and providing the timber is harvested in a sustainable way, this is an eco-friendly solution.

Seasoned Hardwood Flooring

Visually appealing and very durable, hardwood flooring is a wise investment that will be a major feature of the property. If you would like a quote for solid hardwood flooring for your kitchen or living room, search with Google to find the website of an established contractor for timber flooring canberra and they would be happy to send a technician to your home. They can show you samples of hardwood species and help you with making the right choices for your new flooring. When everything is agreed, the supplier can quote for the project.

Popular Timber Species

There are indeed many timbers that are suitable for flooring, which includes the following:

  • American Oak
  • American Birch
  • American Walnut
  • Cypress Pine
  • Baltic Pine
  • Hard Rock Maple
  • European Ash/Oak

All shades of brown, beige and red are available, enabling you to match perfectly with the room and with an online search, you can view the diverse range of timber species and ask for a quote.

Engineered Timber

Let’s face it, the only downside to solid wooden flooring is the high price, which is why many homeowners prefer engineered timber. You can have the look and feel of solid timber without the high price tag, such as engineered timber Melbourne homeowners go for. It looks like solid hardwood and thus, also make for a stunning feature in any home. You can find reputable suppliers of this type of flooring near you by doing a quick search on Google. 

When it comes to engineered timber floors, the core is made from compressed sawdust and with criss-crossed layers. The material is very strong and durable and the outer section is actually real timber, which is every bit as stunning as solid timber. Engineered timber is eco-friendly and there are many designs to choose from. When you find out how reasonable the price is, it does make for an attractive proposition.

Showroom Visit

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While you can view timber species on the supplier’s website, you are advised to pay their showroom a visit, where you can see various timber species in a real-life environment.

It should be noted that re-sanding engineered flooring can only be carried out once, due to the thickness of the outer timber layer. Choosing between solid and engineered flooring is a personal thing; of course, engineered timber is cheaper, yet you almost cannot tell the difference between engineered and solid timber.If you are an eco-conscious person, engineered flooring would be your obvious choice. 

Both require care and maintenance, which will give you stunning flooring that will stand the test of time and with regular polishing, the flooring will have that inviting sheen. Regarding design, you can narrow down your selection from the supplier’s website and then see the flooring in their showroom before making a selection.