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What floor coverings are suitable for the bathroom?

by Mary Hahn

We all dream of having a designer bathroom. The choice of flooring will therefore be an essential step in the renovation of the bathroom.

But beware! Some coatings are not at all suitable for this piece. The bathroom is a humid room and it is important to choose a coating that will not let water in and that will dry quickly that is why we recommend taking help from Bathroom remodeling contractor Sunshine Coast.

If you want to put carpet or parquet on the floor, it’s possible! There are special bathroom carpets and exotic wood flooring such as teak, a wood specially used on boats for example. It is, therefore, easier to opt for tiles. Today, there is a multitude of them that adapt perfectly well to the bathroom.

Optimal bathroom ventilation:

The bathroom is undoubtedly the wettest room in the house. Damp sets in little by little and can cause mold, crumbling walls, etc., which lead to the proliferation of bacteria. Hence the importance of having a natural opening or a CMV (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation).

Which bathroom design?

More than a functional place, the bathroom has become a real space of relaxation! This well-being is also reflected in the decoration and the style you choose.

Why not opt ​​for one of the trends of the year?

This year’s trend in terms of decoration remains imitation parquet tiling: perfect for warming up this room and creating a warm and welcoming space. If you like the minimalist side, choose neutral colors like gray or white that you can decorate with wooden accessories. In terms of colors, organic colors are popular! Khaki, brown, or even wine red, are so many warm colors that are currently appealing. Also, long forgotten, ceramic is making a comeback. Whether for furniture or to beautify your walls or floors.

What furniture to integrate?

The furniture will complete the decoration but above all the essential practical side of your bathroom. Double or single washbasin cabinet, cupboards or drawers… what to choose? It all depends on your taste in terms of decoration and practicality, but also on the space you have.

Ideally, and if space allows, large families will favor double sinks and cupboards that can accommodate more personal effects. The drawers are also very practical for storing and easily accessing objects & accessories and avoiding invading the space with your belongings.

We advise hiring a Bathroom remodeling contractor Sunshine Coast as they have access to high-quality materials and fixtures. Also, the Bathroom remodeling contractor Sunshine Coast can complete the remodeling job in a timely manner.