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Quick guide to 5 types of windows

by Danny White

A window is a gap in a wall, a door, a roof or a vehicle that allot the penetration of light. It also allows the passageway of sound and air from outside. Traditional windows and doors usually made from non-clear or rather translucent materials and few are from transparent material. Modern ones are from glasses and other transparent material.

Both are important to a house because they give it a perfect look. A house is incomplete without an opening. We depend highly on them for ventilation. In modern houses, you get amazed by the breathtaking views you get from outside through them. Houses are beautiful through the stylish and modernized windows and doors we put into them.

Thinking of a window, what ought to come in mind first is its mode, a square look or a hexagon kind of design. Although there are very many types of them in the market and that comes in different styles, designs and their roles. It’s vital to learn and fully understand various types and styles of windows and doors as a guide when you need to buy one.

1. Fixed –

These are mostly designed in way that they can’t open and some are not even transparent. They are not expensive and are good for traditional houses.

2. Double hung – 

These are two openings on top of each other with two operating sashes. They can either open from the top or from the bottom. They allow maximum air circulation in the room.

3. Casement – 

These types of Windows have the same design. They are attached to their frames by one or more hinges at the side. They open outwards using casement stay.

4. Sliding openings – 

These slides from side to side and their practicality makes them popular hence the easiness of operation.

5. Jalousie – 

These are types of openings joined onto a track so they can easily open and close at the same time. Their glasses are in parallel way set on a frame. 


Without windows and doors, houses would be nothing less like boxes. Like an egg which doesn’t spill its york. So, it could be like a burning furnace. It could be hot inside. Setting up the best and suitable opening for your design improves the look of your house. Also, it enables us to have a great view from inside. Let’s remain updated and enlightened about windows before purchasing.