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What Are The Reasons To Buy Real Estate In Malta?

by Criss Gill

Real estate market has been hardly affected by the Global Financial Crisis, Malta is one of them and perhaps the only one. Sound banking ethics and the age-old tradition of the Maltese are general public (98%) believing in investing in brick.

Mortar has been a major contributing factor and reasons why the property Maltareal estate market avoided the ill-fated real estate crash that hit Europe by storm a few years ago. Other country’s real estate markets are still recovering, the Maltese real estate market corrected its pricing during that period by 5% to 10%. Today it is one of the only European countries experiencing consistent capital growth.

  • Availability of Properties

You are looking to purchase or rent real estate in Malta or Gozo. The market has a vast selection of properties available that will be suited to anybody’s needs as well as their budget. The average price of a highly completed two or three-bedroom apartment in Malta is approximately €220, 000. It is depending on the location and type of property this will differ. One may search this propertyMalta Real Estate website to view the vast selection and compare prices accordingly.

  • Become a Resident

It may be considered if one is thinking of relocating to Malta. Available for Non-European Nationals at the present moment, however, a similar scheme will be introduced by the Maltese Government by the end of the year. As part of the criteria to become a Maltese resident, the applicant must either invest in real estate in Malta or Gozo while they can also rent a property on the Maltese Islands. The thresholds and criteria may be found if you are visiting these Malta Residence pages on this website.

Ø Weather and Food

Malta is adored by many and because it is one of the facts. Malta has one ofthe beautiful beaches that are all a stone’s throw away from their home. Likewise, the culinary culture and entertainment areas are close enough to stay away from but also easily accessible.

Ø Hospitality

It is good to know that Malta has a very high standard of hotels, which may eventually accommodate your friends that will want to come and visit you and it is important to mention that the Maltese people are very hospitable and that the Maltese people the English language amongst other languages fluently.