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11 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Packing For Your Big Move

by Criss Gill

If you want to ensure your big move is successful and efficient, you have to be aware of and avoid big mistakes that can happen all throughout the moving process — from packing your things to picking the right moving company.

In this article, we’re offering great help by rounding up 11 of the most common mistakes people make when packing for their upcoming move.

You don’t have a clear timeline and plan. Like any other endeavor — big or small — you have to have a plan. While at it, don’t forget to set a timeline so you’ll know which tasks you should prioritize. You can also use it to avoid falling into the trap that is procrastination.

You don’t know how to segregate your things. Sorting your belongings from the valuables and essentials to the more unnecessary stuff will help you pack things more efficiently.

You don’t get rid of unimportant stuff. Speaking of unnecessary stuff, anyone who works at a moving company would certainly strongly recommend you to get rid of those before your big move. Apart from it being a space-saver, it will also lead to lower moving expenses as you’d have to transport fewer things. Consider donating them to charity or to your neighbors — or have a garage sale to earn extra income.

You don’t take taking inventory seriously. After you’ve sorted things out, it’s important to take proper inventory of the belongings you will be moving. This will help you easily identify if all the things you want and need to move have been taken account of.

You forego the importance of labeling. To aid you with unpacking the things after your move, it’s also important to label your packing boxes appropriately. It will also help movers if you can put “fragile” labels on boxed that contain such items.

You don’t have enough packing supplies. Whether you’re doing a small or a big move, you have to have durable packing supplies. From boxes to bubble wraps, these materials will help you protect your things while they’re being moved.

You don’t think about securing your valuables. In light of being safe and secure, it’s a vital task to pack your items correctly and properly. Apart from bubble wraps, you can use newspapers and old towels for further protection.

You overpack your boxes. The general rule in packing is to do things economically. Overpacking is a strict no-no. Be careful of the capacity of your boxes — exceeding the threshold can only compromise your belongings.

You pack forbidden materials. Confirm with your moving company about the things you shouldn’t include in your move — from refrigerated food and produce to flammable stuff like batteries and nail polish.

You’re way too perfectionist when it comes to packing. Packing your belongings can bring out your hidden obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Take note that you shouldn’t be too caught up with “perfection” when packing — it will only eat up your time and your energy.

You pack without getting help. No man is an island — especially when it comes to preparing and actually carrying out a big move. Get help from your family members and friends. Tap a credible mover to assist you throughout the moving process.

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