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Top Benefits of Using Solar Powered Water Feature Pump

by Criss Gill

It is really possible to uplift the garden ambience by adding a water body to it. Aquatic life can make your garden more lively and cool. You may also want to add a water feature to the water body in order to circulate the oxygen, to keep the water moving, and to add an extra element to the place. In order to achieve this, water feature pump is required. This pump usually comes with the cable that is longer than 10m to install it at the place of your choice. However, you can also opt for solar powered pumps for added benefits. 

Some of the top benefits of solar powered pumps are – 

  • Easy Installation – This is surely a big advantage compared to the electric powered pump. Electric pump requires proper installation as power cord has to be covered with PVC pipe and then placed in a narrow trench to avoid hazards. This is not the case with solar pump as it doesn’t require electricity supply. 
  • Low Running Cost – If you are planning to run the pump day and night, the cost of operation is quite high due to the electricity used during the operation. Solar power is free and hence no cost is involved in its operation. Some of these pumps have battery back-up to ensure it can work 24X7. The cost involved is still very low compared to the conventional electricity powered pumps. 
  • Sustainable Design – We don’t want to cause any damage to the environment while creating the garden and pond. Electricity powered pump will cause some damage to the environment as it uses energy. Not just your utility bills will go high, but it will also pollute the surroundings. Solar pump is a sustainable design. This is futuristic design and hold relevant even after decades. Installing the solar lights along with the pump can turn out to be an eco-friendly package for the garden. 

There are many other benefits of solar pump and you can get one from the experts for best performance. If you have space issues then buying a submersible pump will also be a great idea.