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Kaltra Free Cooling Equipment Overview

by Mary Hahn

Kaltra is the only manufacturer to offer both filters and heat exchangers (air and plate heat exchangers) for dry cooler systems. Dry cooling equipment plays a key role in data center operating costs. When it comes to saving energy, the ratio between mechanical cooling and free cooling is approximately 5: 1. Katra dry cooling equipment uses inexpensive cooling media such as air or water. At the heart of our free cooling systems are heat exchangers, which are AHRI certified.

The unique, patented concept allows data centers to be designed and operated in a pressurized server room. Compared to conventional technologies, Kaltra air coolers are based on a low-speed ventilation system to provide more efficient cooling of servers, as well as:

  • glycol consumption max and min are indicated for the given parameters of glycol inlet and outlet temperatures. At a flow rate higher than the maximum, the glycol outlet temperature will be higher than the set one (+ 7 C), if the glycol inlet temperature is +12 C. At a flow rate less than the minimum flow turbulence, the flow will not be enough to maintain an acceptable heat transfer coefficient and the outlet temperature may begin to rise rapidly.
  • flow rate max and min are indicated for the corresponding max and min glycol consumption.

The maximum allowable discharge temperature of Kaltra semi-hermetic compressors is +100 C, therefore the oil coolers selected in the table for the nominal design mode -40 / + 45 have a capacity margin for operation in the area of ​​higher (above +45 C) condensing temperatures. The selection table indicates “oil pressure drop at maximum flow” for clean oil, but since a significant amount of refrigerant is always dissolved in the oil, which greatly reduces its viscosity, then in real conditions the pressure drop can be much less.