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Design Elements that a Management Office should have

by Mary Hahn
  1. Balance in proportions:

As per interior designers in Bangalore,  it is not necessary to have a space that is too large for management offices. What is important is to have furniture that perfectly adapts to the spaces. If you are an architect, you can see it as something self-evident, but even so, sturdy tables and pompous chairs were part of essential elements in office design a few years ago.

Today, modern interior decorators in Bangalore  invites us to create spaces that respect proportions and keep everything very simple: LESS IS MORE. Therefore, make sure you have optimal visitor chairs for mobilization and that you have tables that fit perfectly with the space you have.

  1.  The Colors: 

Best interior designers in Bangalore knows that colors are an important part of team member satisfaction and productivity because they are directly related to our emotions. 

That is why we do not recommend using purple or gray colors as they tend to depress and sadden.

Likewise, we do not recommend using white on surfaces where direct light penetrates because it produces the same feeling of sadness.

On the other hand, intense red colors tend to cause irritability and excitement, something not highly recommended when looking to increase productivity.

If your office is hot or located in the south, the most recommended colors will always be blue and green because they are cold and sedating. On the other hand, if your office tends to be cold, the best colors are light ocher, cream, or beige because they have a warm effect when implemented.

  1. Ergonomics will always prevail:

 Achieving greater comfort is important in decision-making capacity and sustainability in working time: having a good posture is essential. That is why we must have appropriate chairs in the workplace.

  1.   Lighting:

Our architects know exactly how office space’s lighting should be, even when we do not sell this product. Everyone agrees that there is nothing like natural light, but not in all spaces, and it turns out to be the most optimal. For this reason, we recommend translucent light and lighting that is diffuse: light can achieve this with indirect light systems.

It is even advisable to use grids and acrylics to achieve that effect, a very modern element in office design.

  1. Interior decoration and design:

If there is something that Unispace is proud of, it is the various alliances and brands that we distribute nationwide. This allows us always to adapt any proposal and propose different furnishings for it.

Do you know what is best? That when it comes to interior design and decoration, we have very versatile brands that adapt to any space, not only office space.

Quality options, imported furniture that gives you category in the design of your office.

  1. Harmony and good complements:

A good strategy to bring peace and harmony in your office space is always to use plants; this helps us feel close to nature, which is being increasingly accepted for providing balance in our life.

Likewise, personalizing your offices with objects that you like can be a good tip; let’s never forget that office are the spaces where we spend most of our time. That is why these spaces should largely represent a rest area.