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Tips To Reducing The cost of A Heavy Digger

by Paul Watson

Heavy diggers are important construction pieces of equipment used for demolition, digging, earth moving, grading, excavating, and landscaping. Examples of a heavy digger include excavators and backhoes. They are vital to any construction site. Despite this need, most contractors prefer hiring than purchasing them due to their high cost. Here is further insight into ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger.

1. Evaluate various hire companies

The surest way of saving cost is by selecting a heavy digger hire company with affordable prices. The rental rates of the various firms vary despite having the similar heavy diggers. Take your time and go through these different hiring companies and settle on the affordable one. While doing this, consider the following factors as well to ensure that you get the best rates.

Choose A Hiring Company with Flexible Packages

Select a company with a variety of equipment. It is more affordable to acquire, for example, a bulldozer and an excavator, from the same service provider. Compare this to committing your funds on two different hiring companies.

Confirm that your package is accompanied by equipment attachments. Attachments such as buckets, grading blades, grapples, and augers are important as they save you the hassle of looking for them after hiring the heavy digger. Additionally, hiring them separately results in extra charges.

Once you are done comparing these factors to the hiring companies, request a quote, and choose the one that satisfies all your needs at economical prices.

2. Acquire A Serviced Digger

Picture a heavy digger breaking down mid-operation after hiring it. This usually translates to additional cost summing to hundreds of Euros since you will be obligated to repair it. This adds to the hiring costs you have paid to the hiring company. To avoid this, ensure the plant hire company inspects, services and repairs the digger before the acquisition of the equipment. Furthermore, make sure you are present while they are inspecting to ascertain that all components of the equipment are functioning properly.

Key areas to pay close attention to include: the electrical system, undercarriage, control, attachment system, and the hydraulic system. Also, make sure the fluid has been replaced. Only when the equipment is repaired and serviced, will you evade getting repairs that are not your doing.

3. Seek Services of an Experienced Operator

Hiring an operator may appear as a redundant extra cost, but the money saved in the long run is worthwhile. Some hire companies have even gone further to provide an option of renting the equipment along with an operator. However, this is only available at an extra cost of maybe £20. It is wise to take advantage of this package as it lowers your overall cost of hire in the long run.

Additionally, a skilled operator comparatively makes the task done faster than you, especially when you do not have the skill to run the digger. They also save you from avoidable interruptions and eliminate mistakes resulting from a lack of skill. Furthermore, in case a company operator damages the equipment, you are not liable for repairing the damages as the costs fall on the plant hire company.


Plant hire is an important service in all construction and earth moving projects. When you are looking to hire a heavy digger, have these insights in mind. For all your equipment hire requests, contact us at FGS plant. We provide affordable prices to meet every contractor’s needs. Make a request now and get a free quote. Allow us to take care of all your digger hire needs.