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5 Types of Shower Heads You Might Be Tempted To Opt For

by Mary Hahn

Who doesn’t love a good shower after a hectic day? Showers can really set up a mood for a day and proffers solace at night before bed. An attractive shower is a beauty to behold in any bathroom. With the right shower head, your daily ablutions can become a luxurious and rejuvenating experience.

Looking forward to making an upgrade in your bathroom? Take a second to learn about different types of shower heads and choose what works best for you.

  1. Waterfall Shower

Located higher than the regular shower head, the waterfall shower head emits a rainfall-type flow of water. It lets you relish the joy of the monsoon without leaving your comfort space and regardless of the climatic condition. Thanks to the light pressure and wide diameter, it evens out the water flow for a soothing and calm effect.

Keep in mind the fact this type of showerhead might not work for those who prefer the massage-like feeling.

  1. Handheld Shower

Get tired of moving around the shower to wash off the soap? Don’t you worry about it as Handheld Shower is exactly what you are looking for. This lets you stand at one spot to finish your bath effortlessly.

This sort of showerhead caters to everyone, especially those having kids, pets, or elderly people at home.

  1. Digitally-Controlled Showers

Want to add a dash of high-class technology to your bathroom? Opt for the Digital Showers and the precise control at the touch of the button. This mainly mixes the hot and cold water to create an ideal temperature.  You can contact for professionals for heating services in surrey.

With these showers, you can either enjoy the warm-up mode or even embrace the convenience of controlling the same from your smartphone. Get them installed now and experience the future of showering technology.

  1. Shower Panels

One of the groundbreaking alternatives to the ordinary shower, these are mainly designed to pamper you. However, it can be installed in your bathroom only if you either building it from the scratch or going for the complete renovation of a bathroom.

Such type of shower heads give you spa therapy and make you feel calm and relaxed. Keep in mind the fact that Shower Panels are a hefty investment and can really burn a hole in your wallet.

  1. Concealed Showers

Whether you have a traditional or contemporary bathroom, Concealed Showers are the ultimate option for revitalizing your daily showering experience. Its controls nestle up flat against the wall, creating a fantastic minimalistic effect. Couple up the shower valve with a ceiling-mounted showerhead to bring a gorgeous outlook without the exposure of messy hoses on display.

Like shower panels, this lavish shower head is an expensive option to opt for and requires careful plumbing. Get it installed right away and experience the ultimate showering experience.

No matter whether you are looking for a vigorous feeling of a full-body shower or prefer a gentle massage, these shower heads will surely fit your needs and let you enjoy relaxing bath times.  If you need more information or facing any kind of issues you can always Plumbers in Surrey.