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Patrick Shin: Founder of Nan Inc. – Exploring his history

by Mary Hahn

One of the top construction companies in Hawaii is Nan Inc. and it is known as the largest locally owned and operated firm in the industry. In fact, the company has gotten a lot of exposure because it has managed to reach new heights of success that typically takes companies decades to achieve. Yet, Nan Inc. is just 30 years old and has already managed to achieve a number of major milestones. The fact is that none of this would have been possible without Patrick Shin: Founder of Nan Inc. He was the one who founded the company in 1990 and has watched it grow into the construction giant it is today.

The company stems from the dream of a young man to become an entrepreneur, a goal he was able to accomplish. But, how did he do it? To understand that, you need to know the history of the company’s founder. He was born in South Korea and was named Nan Chul Shin. It was his goal to move to the United States and upon doing so, he changed his name to Patrick in order to adapt to the new culture. The initial years were quite tough, as his family had to live in a one-bedroom apartment together.

However, Patrick Shin managed to do his majors in business administration, thanks to the football scholarship that allowed him to attend Bowling Green State University. He shifted to Hawaii after he graduated and worked in a construction company for about two years. As he wanted to be an entrepreneur, he quit his job and that’s when Nan Inc. was born. When he started the company, he only had his own guts, skills and knowledge and just one employee by his side. But, Patrick Shin wasn’t the one to give up so easily.

He took on all kinds of projects, including installing a road sign and continued to work with full determination and integrity. Now, Nan Inc. has more than 500 employees and has completed 3,000 multimillion-dollar projects in Hawaii and surrounding areas. As for Patrick Shin, he has become renowned for his construction expertise and for his philanthropy. The man has given back to the state as much as possible. He has established a horde of charities and has made donations to numerous causes. He continues to show his generosity and runs his company in accordance with the principles of professionalism.