Home Painting 5 Top tips for Choosing the Best Painter and Decorator in Putney

5 Top tips for Choosing the Best Painter and Decorator in Putney

by Danny White

Painting is easy as well as a quick way to update your home. From painting the children’s room to changing to exterior colours, painting helps to enhance curb appeal. The best thing is that painting the interior and exterior walls can help you cover the permanent stains and marks that are difficult to remove. Moreover, painting the interior walls using quality and zero-VOC paints would help to reduce the fumes and odour and promote healthy air quality.

5 Key Factors You Need to Consider While Selecting a Painter and Decorator in Putney

Handling the decorating works yourself can be tempting. However, hiring professionals help you get the professional finish that would be hard to match. Selecting the finest painter and decorator in Putney who can help you beautify your house can be an overwhelming task. If it is the first time that you would be hiring someone for the improvement project, you need to be very careful. Here are the 5 things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a painter and decorator for your home.

View the Work

One of the major things that require the utmost attention is work. When selecting the painter and decorator in Putney, you need to have a look at their work. Ask the professionals for the photographs of their previous jobs. The before and after images of their work would help you get an idea of their work.

Online Reviews

Another significant factor that you need to consider to find the best painter and decorator is the reviews of former clients. Reading online reviews of previous clients would help you know about the quality of work offered by the professionals.


Recommendations from relatives, friends, colleagues, or neighbours who worked with certain painters and decorators in the Putney area for their home improvement projects can be helpful. The personal recommendations would help you find dependable professionals. Moreover, you would be able to see the standard of painter’s and decorator’s work first hand.


Most of the painting and decorating tasks are paid for when it is completed as well as accepted. However, for a large job the decorator might ask you for an instalment upfront. Unique or costly materials like specially mixed paints might be billed in advance. Ensure you discuss the aspect with the professionals beforehand.

Get Written

One major thing is to get the quotes in writing. Most of the professionals would provide you with a quote based on an assumption that walls are sound and have just one layer of wallpaper. In case the professionals need to remove more than one of the layers of wallpaper or repair the walls, they might charge more.

Before you finalise the professionals for the job, ensure they conduct a visit to your home and determine the scope of work. This would help you discuss your preference, get expert advice as well as the right quotation. Moreover, it is advised to get the quotes from at least three painting and decorating contractors for your home improvement project.