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Acrylic and Canvas Prints: What are the differences?

by Criss Gill

The world is moving at a rapid rate. With this, different kinds of printing techniques are also evolving in the market. You must consider the different types of printing methods so that you can proceed with them accordingly. One of the most commonly asked questions is what is more helpful, acrylic prints or canvas prints.

Before choosing the acrylic and canvas prints, you will need to consider the different factors. Both acrylic and canvas prints have their own benefits. Therefore, you might want to choose one accordingly. What suits you the best completely depends on your convenience. Therefore, you might want to choose acrylic and canvas prints accordingly.


When it comes to choosing the durability of the acrylic and canvas prints, it is necessary to consider which one is the best. Well, in this department, the acrylic prints take the reports ahead. This is mostly because compared to canvas prints, the acrylic prints have better UV protection. Depending on the acrylic material used, UV protection may range between 70-98%. As a result, if you want increased durability, you might want to consider the acrylic prints.


We have all experienced or seen canvas prints. Well, these appear to be pretty normal. On the other hand, acrylic stands in no competition between the acrylic prints. The acrylic prints are unique in their own rights. The canvas prints may offer a decent look, but if you want a unique look in your house, that can make the image stand out from everyone, then acrylic prints are the best choice to make.


The portability of the prints has an important role to play. Most people prefer to relocating their prints after small differences. However, after hanging out, there will be a significant difference in portability. Comparatively, the acrylic prints are big, and hence it is problematic. Nonetheless, canvas prints can be easily transported because they are extremely light. Most of the canvas prints are small in size as well, thereby making them extremely efficient for porting.


As far as the budget for different prints is considered, canvas prints have higher affordability than that of acrylic prints. Moreover, most of the acrylic prints have double the rate of canvas prints. But installing acrylic prints is totally worth the money because they help to enhance the overall look of the house.

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