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5 Ways To Help the Environment

by Mary Hahn

There are plenty of things people can do that are beneficial to the environment. From remodeling a house to be more energy efficient to making small changes to everyday activities, anyone who wants to make a difference can find a way.

1. Conserve Water

Clean water is an important resource that many people around the world lack access to. One big way to save gallons of water at a time is to take shorter showers. If possible, try turning on the water to wet down the body, then turn it off while shampooing and lathering up and turn it back on again to rinse off. Low-flow showerheads can reduce the amount of water used. Other methods for saving water include turning off the water while brushing teeth or when soaping up the dishes.

2. House Changes

People who want to decrease their carbon footprint, get off the grid or have a reliable energy source in case of an emergency often think about installing solar panels. Low-energy appliances can not only save money but reduce the usage of electricity that may have been generated using fossil fuels. Places like Eco Minded Solutions can help build or remodel existing structures to have less impact on the environment.

3. Walk or Bike

Most cars emit toxins that can be damaging to the planet. Even cutting out a couple of trips a week by walking or biking someplace can make a difference. Walking and biking also come with health benefits, as many people do not get enough exercise during the course of their day.  If it is not possible to walk or bike to places, then look into carpooling. It can be a great way to reduce emissions while also enabling people to spend time catching up with friends, family members or coworkers.

4. Reduce Waste

It is easy to toss out candy wrappers or an old water bottle without thinking twice about it. One way to track waste is to make a list of everything that is thrown out for one or two weeks. It may surprise some people to realize how much they send to the landfill. Try to reduce waste by recycling everything that is able to be taken to a recycling plant. Anything that cannot be recycled that can be reused should be saved and used again or given to someone who may need it. If food is often thrown away, then storing leftovers or finding creative ways to turn yesterday’s dinner into tomorrow’s lunch may be useful.

5. Telecommute

A great way to lower emissions and reduce waste is to stay at home instead of heading out to the workplace. While that is not an option for everyone, people who can do their jobs just as well at home as in an office may want to inquire about telecommuting opportunities. It will cut down on transportation, purchased lunches that come in wrappers that will be thrown out and the creation of paperwork.

Making choices that positively impact the environment make the whole world a healthier place to live. While the actions taken may seem small, if enough people do them then they add up to something huge.