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Why do I need the best humidifier?

by Criss Gill

Lower moisture levels can lead to various diseases and also cause damage to your home articles. The right level of humidity would protect you from the attack of dry air during the winters. The best humidifier offers a good solution to the problems related to the dry air.

Why Do You Need a Humidifier?

Harmful effects of Low humidity levels

When the air during the winter starts getting too cold to bear you try to remain inside your home or the office. The heaters inside these enclosed rooms help in keeping the atmosphere cozy by maintaining the most comfortable temperatures. However, they can dry down the air a little too much.

The recommended levels of humidity range from 30 to 50%. If your enclosed does not maintain humidity levels within the range, it starts showing up its effect on your health as well as the articles kept in the surroundings.

The low levels of humidity can lead to many health-related problems. It includes-

  • Dry skin
  • Rashes on skin
  • Itching in your body and eyes
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Sore throat
  • Cracked heels and lips, and
  • Respiratory disorders etc.

Low moisture can also play havoc with your valuable articles like wooden flooring, furniture, and walls, etc.

Your wooden floors can show signs of cracks; wallpapers may start peeling off from the wall, and can also damage electronic appliances due to increased static charge. You can observe these excessive electric charges when you touch somebody or touch a metal item.


The first line of measures against the dry air is to take proper preventive measures. Firstly, consume the right type of food suitable for these weather conditions.

Secondly, try applying good quality moistures on your skin and other body parts that are sensitive to the dry air.

Even after following these measures if you do not get any relief you must seriously consider buying a humidifier.

However, before finally buying a humidifier, you can measure the humidity level of the room using a hygrometer. And if on checking you find that the moisture levels in your room are below the required levels you should go for a suitable humidifier.

Advantages of Humidifier

Humidifiers blow the required moisture inside the room to maintain the right humidity levels. This helps in keeping your skin in the right tone. Besides, it also clears your respiratory tract and protects you from various breathing and other lung-related issues including bronchitis and asthma.

It would also help you in increasing the life of your home or office items and save your sensitive electronic equipment from damage caused by static charges present in the dry air.

Final Words

So, we find out that humidifiers can really play a very important role in protecting you from the harmful effects on your health and the valuable articles in the surrounding. It thus helps in keeping you healthy and enhancing the life of your valuable belongings.


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