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Why Ceramic Tiles Are The Best?

by Criss Gill

Due to its classic look and great variety, ceramic tiles are predominantly used for residential floorings, walls, countertops, backsplash, and bathrooms. These tiles strike a perfect balance between modernity and practicality, making it a first choice for the one who appreciates simplicity, vivacity and the class.

So here’s what makes them the right choice for your walls and floors:

  • Wide variety: With an exquisite range of colors, textures, size, and shapes, ceramic tiles can complement your landscaping elements and add more class and elegance to your interiors.  From classic designs to modern hues, from natural stones to intricate mosaics, the choices in ceramic tiles are limitless. These can be easily cut and shaped into different designs like circles, triangles, diamonds, and even planks. You can have fun with light-dark contrasts, install digitally printed tiles or even introduce a ripple effect with wave 3D finish.
  • Environment-friendly: Made from natural materials like clay, sand, and glass, ceramic tiles have no poor effect on the environment. These tiles will not just reduce your personal carbon footprint, but will also keep your home cooler in summers. If ceramic tiles are used on walls, they will add insulating qualities to your home during winter.
  • Durability: Being extremely durable, ceramic tiles are the best option for high-traffic and humid spaces. The outer coating of the tiles makes them impervious to water, heat, and stain. With regular maintenance, these can last up to 20 years. Even when exposed to direct sunlight, these tiles don’t lose their beauty.
  • Easy cleaning: Ceramic tiles are an ideal choice for kitchen countertops or living rooms as they can be easily cleaned. Also, unlike carpets, ceramic tiles don’t trap mites, pet hair allergies or pollen and thereby enhance the air quality of your indoors.
  • Resistance: Since ceramic tiles have small pores along with the protective glaze finish, it doesn’t absorb water. Their water-resistance makes them an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, corridors, and mudrooms. These tiles are generally designed with rough surfaces and therefore, prevent slippage. Additionally, Grade III or Grade IV ceramic tile can’t be easily scratched, chipped, cracked or broken.

Due to benefits like high durability, cost-effectiveness, easy maintenance, and safety, ceramic tiles always stay on the top when it comes to home designing.

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