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What Plants Are Good for Your Roof Garden?  

by Mary Hahn

Rooftops can be great for your garden. However, you must remember that they were not designed with gardening in mind. They are delicate structures that can only accommodate a limited number of pots and plants. If you plan on growing a few potted plants, you have nothing to worry about. However, planting a whole garden requires lots of planning. Consider getting an engineer’s report to ensure that your roof is safe for gardening. Keep reading to find out the best plants and practices for your garden.

  • Low-Maintenance Perennials and Succulents

There are lots of succulent and perennial options. They require minimal maintenance and most of them can grow well in partial shade. Cacti and aloes are small so you don’t need large, heavy pots to grow them. Other great options include sage, marigolds, and ferns.

  • Ajuga

This groundcover plant is not only beautiful but easy to care for. It attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. It requires plenty of water but the growth is steady. Some of the best options are Silver Beauty and Bronze Beauty.

  • Dwarf Hinoki Cypress

Some of the most notable characteristics of this plant are its fanlike foliage and a beautiful yellow-green color. The evergreen will have your garden looking bright and beautiful all-year-round. It grows slowly and can only get to three feet tall at maturity. Even though you need to water it regularly, it does not require much effort in maintenance. It is great for use in container combinations with other plants.

  • Grasses

Even though grasses can be a bit tricky, some species may be good for your roof garden. They cover large areas and may be great for adding texture to your green roof. Consider combining your grasses with succulents to add a height and color contrast. If you think that grass may not be your best option, there are plenty of grass-like plant options.

  • Japanese Wisteria

This beautiful plant smells just as good as it looks. The blooms hang like grapes and stand out from other plants. Wisteria Blue Moon is even more beautiful. It has three bloom times and can add an amazing accent over your garden.

  • Aromatic Herbs

Herbs are not only tasty but also a great addition to your rooftop garden. Their ability to grow well in dry places makes them a perfect choice for roof gardens. Even though some aromatic herbs may not do well in restricted soil, there are a few low-growing options. The wide-spreading species do not only improve the appearance of your garden but the smell as well. Some of the best options are oregano and thyme.

  • Gold Flame’ Honeysuckle

This is a great plant if you wish to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. It has delicate pink blossoms that can add fragrance to your garden. The vine grows up to 20 feet long so it is great for a rooftop porch.

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