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What Are The Top Features And Applications Of UPVC Pipe?

by Mary Hahn

The UPVC pipes & fittings are the perfect solutions that will be suitable for a variety of homes and many other applications. In India, there are several leading UPVC pipe fittings companies which are high quality assured brand producing transportation & distribution of water in commercial, residential and industrial factories. UPVC pipes not only remain as technically superior as conventional galvanized metal systems that offer multiple benefits over them.

Furthermore, UPVC pipes & fittings are simple to install also suitable for various plumbing applications such as down-take, terrace looping and up-take materials as well as concealed pipework. The plumbing systems had a high life span because the features attached to UPVC is a material as well as most of them had 100% automated methods.

UPVC pipes will fit even in different situations, because of their mechanical strength. It can be measured from the point that the flexural, tensile and compressive force of its UPVC is about 450 kg/cm2.

It also allows the various hygienic centres of fluid transportation. They are extremely capable of attacking through fungi and which is not subject to decay. The inner surface, which remains extremely smooth, will not support an encrustation, growth or fuming, also no odour, even it doesn’t have a taste that is transmitted to some fluid being moved. That property remains as important for the transport of fresh water to various towns as well as villages. While most of them use pipes here this article makes you know more regarding the features & application of UPVC pipes.

Top Features Of UPVC Pipes:

Lightweight & Soft:

These pipes are lightweight, robust and flexible. Hence, low and no maintenance pipes may be provided through UPVC tubes. As these last with 1/5 of these steel pipes ‘ real weight, that means it reduces the transport costs as well as it has simple installation.

Long-lasting Durability:

Such tubes hold corrosion-resistant, mineral resistant and remain resistant toward hardware effects. Certain pipes are not corroded and magnified. Huge resistance & UV resistance may include helpful UPVC pipes.


This type of drainage pipes will also be simple to install and allow low construction as well as operating costs. It also saves your money in replacement of the product for the long run that they are reliable and robust.

That’s why plumbers choose these pipes for the projects that they include for drainpipes, saltwater lines, swimming pools, concealed pipework which is used for the water distribution under various residential construction or industrial buildings.

Applications of UPVC Pipes:

Some of the uses of these UPVC pipes in everyday lives include –

  • It was used as drainage pipes which used to supply the drinking water for lines and as a shelter for the tube.
  • These are generally used to produce raising under tube wells including UPVC downpipes.
  • Since UPVC pipes remain as non-metallic, also it is resistant for all kinds of metallic corrosion, making the right choice to discharge & sewer pipelines.
  • UPVC pipes are widely used in sewerage systems because these don’t allow any kind of deposits inside the pipeline.
  • Because of the transportation fluid, UPVC pipes work neutrally. That is because those are built from odorless as well as with tasteless materials.
  • UPVC fittings & pipes are used for various purposes like ventilation in rooms and bathrooms.
  • Staying non-conductive to heat and combustion, this pipe material offers a good option to electrical installation. Hence, UPVC pipes involve extra safety.

These are some of the top features and applications of the UPVC pipes used in various construction sectors. There are several companies for the upvc pipe manufacturers that provide you with the best quality pipes to use.