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4 Common Plumbing Emergencies Homeowners Face

by Mary Hahn

A home may have plumbing issues of different kinds. Some of them are more severe than others and demand the immediate attention of the homeowners. A failure to address these problems fast can result in defects that are not only bigger but are also more expensive to mend. These include flooding, mold formation, backed-up sewage system, structural damage to the home, etc. The only way to avoid such events is by seeking assistance from an Emergency Plumber in Overland Park. The section below lists the problems that require the services of emergency plumbers.

  • A Running Toilet

The most common sign of this plumbing issue is water flowing through the toilet even after several minutes of use. Indeed, this problem doesn’t leave homes at risk of damage. Still, addressing it fast is crucial as it can increase utility bills significantly. Recently obtained numbers suggest that not addressing the problem fast can result in a loss of up to 200 gallons of water per day.

A running toilet is typically the result of a faulty flapper valve. When the flapper valve starts to wear, it fails to stop water in the tank from flowing freely. In the case of homes in areas with hard water, the problem may also occur due to sediment buildup.

  • Leaking Water Heater

An aging water heater often becomes susceptible to drips and leaks. Homeowners should treat pools of water underneath the device as a warning sign. Another common sign of a leaking water heater is dripping pipes.

One reason to address this problem is to prevent the extreme rise in water bills. At times, minor repair works are enough to reverse the problem. However, on certain occasions, the emergency plumber might advise to replace the water heater with a new one. A replacement is typically recommended if the device was installed more than ten years back.

  • Leaking Faucets

Homeowners often refuse to treat this issue as a plumbing emergency. However, the ill effects of the problem are pretty severe. A leaking faucet is not only an ugly sight but can also make it difficult to fall and stay asleep due to the irritating sound it makes. Additionally, leaking faucets also lead to water wastage and a subsequent increase in water bills. A failure to seek prompt assistance from an Emergency Plumber in Overland Park can also result in the formation of rust and mold.

  • Blockage in Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are devices responsible for helping food waste run smoothly down the kitchen sink’s drain. Using this device helps in preventing kitchen sinks from getting clogged. However, at times, even garbage disposals may develop blockages. The problem occurs mostly when someone mistakenly tries to pass non-organic wastes through them. Some organic wastes containing fibrous materials may also cause issues. An emergency plumber is the best person to solve the problem fast.


Having the contact details of a reliable Emergency Plumber in Overland Park in the phonebook is a must to deal with the above plumbing problems. It will help to keep homes protected from severe damage and save wastage of natural resources like water.