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Types of windows for your next project.

by Criss Gill

Windows are crucial when it comes to regulation of light entering the house, the temperature, and blocking ultraviolet rays from making your furniture fade. Most importantly, windows provide security for your belongings. This means you should technically find the best window for your room, based on the kind of environment you are based in and the kind p aesthetic you want for your house.

The following are the types of windows for your home.

  • Wooden windows.

Wood frames and windows have natural insulating properties, when well finished, they provide the most beautiful look for your house. Wooden windows however need to be sealed with paints to prevent sun damage and rooting. A wooden window can be lasting when appropriately maintained, however need to come from a tree that was strong and had lived for more than 20 years otherwise its sap will not have hardened enough to provide a good wood for a window.

  • Vinyl windows.

These windows are applicable in many areas and are the cheaper option. One disadvantage of these windows is that they are not strong. During cleaning some parts of the plastic may break especially when tilted in the cleaning process. On climate change, the vinyl windows will contract or expand, on cold whether the window will contract while on warm weather it will expand. However, on exposure to strong heat, the windows will warp and lose their shape.

  • Tilt-out windows.

The tilt-out windows are easy to clean. However, if you purchase a cheaper version of this window, it may break whenever you try to tilt them out for cleaning. The windows are mostly mounted on a wooden frame to ensure that they are strong enough.

  • Double-hung windows.

Because of its versatility and ease of operation, the double-hung window is the most commonly used type of window.

  • Storm windows.

Storm windows are mostly made for old windows protection, there are several inches of air between the old windows and the storm windows which protects the window from breaking of the storm. They are installed tightly for old windows which could easily be broken by storms.

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