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Time To Bust One Of The Biggest Air Conditioning Myths

by Mary Hahn

 Winter is a time when many homes and businesses are keen to install air conditioning to keep them warm and cosy. Heat pumps are some of the most popular air conditioning products in that respect, and heat pump suppliers and installers are kept busy as the weather cools down. But while there is widespread agreement about the benefits of heat pumps as one of the most efficient air conditioning methods around, there is also some argument about how often they should be replaced. It’s firmly believed in some quarters that a heat pump can run and run and run until it finally expires, without losing any of its original efficiency. As such, there’s no need to replace an older one with a brand new one.

One of the leading consumer organisations in Australasia decided to look into this. After all, why spend money on a new heat pump when the old one will do just as good a job? Are the manufacturers of modern heat pumps pulling our legs by saying they’re so much better that they should replace the older models faithfully doing their duty on the walls of homes and businesses all around Australia and New Zealand?

After much research, the organisation discovered that while it might be tempting to keep using an old heat pump, it really does make more sense to replace any unit more than 10 years old, even if it still seems to do the job. The reason is simple. Heat pumps have become increasingly energy-efficient over the last decade or so, and are extremely cheap to run compared to older models. So while you might be reluctant to spend money on a new heat pump unit, if you use the appliance a lot, then a newer model could save you hundreds in running costs each year. That will see a new heat pump pay itself off well within that magical “10-year limit” and bring with it a range of other bonuses. For example, cutting-edge WiFi control allows you to operate the heat pump remotely for a warm and cosy welcome when you get home. Human presence sensors, as well as special modes like energy-saving Eco, make new heat pumps even more energy-efficient, while Sleep mode reduces noise and adjusts temperature for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

There are many reasons why the myth of running a heat pump until it finally stops working is just that – a myth. For the sake of comfort, efficiency, convenience and running costs, the investment in a new heat pump to replace the old one is a sensible decision: it’s not just a marketing gimmick from manufacturers, suppliers and installers.