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The Importance of a Moving Checklist

by Criss Gill

Moving is altogether a hectic episode without any doubt if you choose to do DIY. Thus systematically planning the whole move can make it less strenuous for you and it must have professional movers and packers. You can start with hiring a reliable removal company melbourne offering affordable moving services whether in the local or interstate. 

Even if you are buying professional support, you still have to be aware of the whole relocation. Therefore, plan properly and above all prepare a checklist.

Your checklist must contain-

  • Clear the cupboards and put the clothes, and cosmetics in separate crates.
  • Separate the fragile items including – glassware, chandeliers, crockery, cutleries and so on
  • Box up the hard bind books and magazines separately.
  • Unfix the wall sets and wrap up the furniture with bubble wraps/acid-free fresh tissues to avoid blemish and dents.
  • Take proper care of the kids’ stuff and their toys
  • The same goes for the older members of the family
  • Plan for relocation of the pets 
  • Fix a meeting with a mover
  • Pay heed to the bond money and carpet cleaning
  • Send the drapes and linens for dry-cleaning/laundry services


How the expert removalists guide & help you with a safe relocation?

  • When you have signed up with a reliable moving company, they will send an expert who will make a checklist of the things that are supposed to be moved. On their website use the removalist cost estimator to get the exact cost of moving before hiring the movers.


  • Packing is an art and you will appreciate the care that these professionals will take to your belongings. They will wrap up the fragile/glass items with tissues or newspapers and will keep them in separate hard boxes. The movers take good care of the furniture to avoid dents and blemishes on road. 
  • Finally, when they load the van, they check the list of the number of boxes and things they are moving. When they offload the truck, the professionals also cross-check the list of the belongings that they are moving. 

This is how they relocate accordingly. Experience a happy move with a good mover.