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Tankless water heaters for your Recreational Vehicles.

by Mary Hahn

Living the life of a traveler has been a theme of life since the invention of Recreational Vehicles or RVs. Many people around the world prefer buying an RV rather than buying a proper house because they can travel with their home wherever they want to go. This has become a popular choice throughout the world in the recent years as well. Although maintaining an RV life is not an easy task as you have to go through extreme weather conditions, problematic roads and so on. However, one essential commodity inside your RV undeniably is the water heater. Gone are those days when people used, big tank-based water heaters. Those not only weighed a lot but also consumed a lot of power and for an RV both of these features are not suitable. With the introduction of Tankless Water Heaters in the market, the RV life has changed completely. Heating water has become hassle-free and convenient. There are, different types of tankless water heaters in the market, which can fit into your RV but you need to know which serves your purpose the best. For RVs, 110 Volt Tankless Water Heaters and 120 Volt heaters do the job perfectly. We will be discussing in detail regarding the features of 120- and 110Volt Tankless Water Heaters in detail.

110Volt Tankless Water Heaters

110Volt water heaters are specifically designed to work under low voltage conditions. In an RV, you generally do not have much power as maximum of them work on batteries. Although some of them do work on solar power but the power yield is lot less than the conventional electricity which we get in our houses. Traditional water heaters take a lot more power or voltage to heat up the water. On the other hand, these small machines, use the power efficiently and give you warm water with a temperature ranging between 130-150degree Fahrenheit. If you use hot water only for showering purposes then the 110Volt one is the perfect choice for you. It gives you around 6-7 minutes of showering time with each time of usage. All Water Products holds the best collection of 110Volt Tankless Water Heaters for your liking. To complete your RV with a professional quality tankless water heater, only trust All Water Products.

120Volt Tankless Water Heaters

120Volt Tankless Water Heaters on the other hand need just a little more voltage to do the job. They can heat up the water at a faster speed, compared to its 110Volt counterpart. They also heat the water up at higher temperatures of around 140-160degree Fahrenheit. You can longer shower time and can heat up more amount of water in one shot. But the problem is the electricity consumption. As it requires more voltage to work on, hence the current consumption will be more. This is why in areas where you have only the option of battery power and no external outlet to take the power from, it is not a desired choice.

Generally, these portable water heaters work on a 35-40amp breaker with 10-12awg wiring. So, it is pretty convenient to install them in your RV. If you are a traveler and love to travel in your RV, it is a great idea to install a Tankless water heater to get a perfect solution to your hot water needs.