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Some very practical tips for selling luxury real estate

by Criss Gill

Price it accurately

Pricing any house can be a tricky affair. It is extremely crucial that the pricing is done right. One cannot afford to have vagaries in this regard, which can lead to gross misapprehensions at the time of buying. One should look over key details, like the location, the pros, and cons of the building and comparison with other real estates on the market. It takes years for a Realtor to hone his skills in these matters.  It can also be rather challenging to price a luxury home, considering that there are few of them around. Also, each luxury home has distinct features that make it stand out from the rest.

Certain amateur agents may use elementary techniques like measuring a house per square foot but this can go horribly wrong. Luxury homes are so much more than what meets the eye. Several factors need to be accounted for under the fair value option. Ultimately, the pricing has to be bang on!

If a house is priced exorbitantly high, it will remain on the market for years. Eventually, it will besmirch the reputation of the house and it will be singled out. The neighbourhood plays a vital role in the pricing of a house. An experienced agent will be able to easily gauge the various factors that influence the value of a house.

Good quality photos

Despite what people say about appearance being often deceptive, human beings are visual creatures and nearly half our brains are dedicated to processing visual information. As such, it is important to secure high-quality pictures of the house. The more, the merrier. Videos and drone shots of the property can be included for extra appeal.

Marketing is an effective tool

Pricing alone is a great marketing strategy in itself but there are other marketing platforms that should be exploited to the fullest. Digital marketing, print advertisements, and mailing are all part of the operation. It’s essential to have one’s own website like L’Équipe Papachristou or an active blog. In a busy world where everyone is scurrying off to work, potential clients could be shopping on their phones or tablet.

Timing is of the essence

If you’re going to be selling a home with an infinity pool, then summer is an apt time to sell the property. Not the middle of a cold winter!