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Smart Choices for the Moving Companies You Can Go For

by Mary Hahn

Choosing to move alone, with the help of a few relatives, is most often dictated by economic reasons. But in reality, by going through professional movers, the cumulative benefits can be just as economical.For example, by enlisting a volunteer helper, you are not in control of planning your move. 

You will have to comply with the availability of each. This can be a source of stress and waste of time, not to mention the headache of the organization. With a moving agency, you choose the schedule of operations.

Using the Moving Company

By going through a moving company, you also preserve your health and that of your helpers. Lifting furniture, carrying a washing machine or fridge, going up and down stairs are all risks of accidents or injuries. 

The movers of a moving service know how to go about ensuring their safety and that of your belongings. SGHomeNeeds provides a list of the best movers in Singapore , check out SGHomeNeeds today and ask for moving quotations.

Indeed, if your furniture and objects are broken or damaged during the move, it will be difficult to blame a loved one who has come to help voluntarily. On the other hand, no problem with a professional mover who, according to article 133-1 of the Commercial Code, is responsible in the event of breakage, loss or deterioration of your personal effects. Professional civil liability insurance for moving companies covers all operations, including damage caused to third parties (neighbor or co-ownership).

Ditto for transport

If you are renting a penske truck rental texarkana tx or van, the insurance provided with the vehicle generally does not cover the risk of breakage or theft of the items being transported. You will therefore need to consider taking out specific insurance, in addition to the cost of renting the vehicle. While a professional moving company is insured for this sort of thing, it adds a good deal of peace of mind to your move.

Moving companies do not only provide you with their trucks and their “heavy-handed” teams. They can also give you lots of tips and advice on how to move well.

A moving company will assist you in the necessary steps for a move. 

It can also, for example, provide you with:

  • A checklist of things to do for a move
  • Templates for removal letters (lease termination, subscription termination, etc.)
  • The necessary equipment and accessories

A professional mover will do everything to facilitate your change of residence. Before intervening for the actual move, he will give you an update on all the upcoming operations and offer you various additional services which are always very practical:

Providing the necessary equipment

In addition to providing you with sturdy boxes of different sizes, the movers can also lend you carts to facilitate the movement and loading of furniture, and arrange for the rental of a furniture lift if necessary.

Packing and Unpacking

Another essential moving service is the packing and unpacking of your belongings, especially valuables which will be better protected if packed by professional movers.

Disassembly of the furniture

To be moved, some furniture needs to be disassembled. Moving companies, if you wish, can take care of this step.