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Small Kitchen Design Tips

by Mary Hahn

Are you one of those people that would rather have a small kitchen instead of a large one? Well, you’re in luck! With today’s trends, more people are leaning towards a minimalist design. These kitchens are more functional and highly efficient. Here are some things that may help your small kitchen look more pleasing.

Avoid complicated layouts. Select a simple design that has the sink, refrigerator, and the stovetop readily accessible. Putting too much cabinetry into your small kitchen will probably be too overwhelming. Instead of this, try going with a more practical, open-shelving setup. Make sure that you have enough lighting in your kitchen. This will make your kitchen look bigger and will improve your visibility when you cook at night.

Putting too much colors into your small kitchen will be overwhelming to look at. Make sure that you stick to a specific color palette. Try natural wood tones combined with some white or gray traces. Lastly, you must equip your small kitchen with accessories that have certain purposes like cute jars or brush sets. 

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