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Should You Repair or Replace Your Toilet?

by Mary Hahn

There may come a time when your toilet will give you annoying issues that you won’t be able to simply put off. More often than not, this happens when your toilet is already nearing its lifespan. However, there are also instances wherein even new toilet fixtures can pose problems. During both cases, you may be faced with the dilemma of whether you should have your toilet repaired or replaced.

When to repair your toilet?

When your toilet still flushes properly and it never encountered any issues with stoppages in the past, then it may be worth it to have your toilet rebuilt. According to a licensed plumber Bexley locals rely on, if your toilet also still looks good, fitting you appropriately, then you may also want to have it repaired instead. The reason behind this is that it can be quite challenging to find a toilet with the right seat height, allowing you to sit comfortably.

In parallel to this, if the repair estimate that you have been given is reasonable enough compared to having your toilet replaced, then you should definitely go with this option. Finally, when your household has cast iron drain pipes, then you may have no other choice but to have your toilet repaired because if you opt for a replacement, then you may need to replace your entire drain system as well which can be very costly.

When to replace your toilet?

It is time for you to get rid of your old toilet if it has never flushed well before. Alongside this, if your toilet still has a round seat rather than an elongated one, then perhaps it is time for you to upgrade. It will also be a wise decision to have your toilet seat replaced if your household is installed with PVC drain lines. The reason behind this is that the transition will prove to be seamless.

Alongside this, if you are after saving on your water consumption, then it may also be a wise decision to have your toilet replaced. This is particularly true if you have noticed a spike in your water bill which can be because of a damaged or leaky toilet. The reason behind this is that as your toilet gets older, it also becomes harder to flush, which means that it can end up using more water than before when it was still brand new or just installed. Finally, if the cost of having your toilet repaired is more than what it will cost you to have it replaced, then it will be a better decision for you to go with the latter instead.

The Bottom Line

Having your toilet repaired or replaced depends on various factors that you need to consider. There are certain instances wherein a repair will most likely save you a significant sum but there are other cases wherein a replacement is already necessary. The key is in ensuring that your toilet is properly maintained because in doing so, you are lengthening its lifespan, eliminating the need for any toilet repairs or replacement any time soon.